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iFuse Implant Systems

SI-BONE is the trusted leader in delivering minimally invasive surgical (MIS) solutions for alleviating sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. Since the introduction of the iFuse Implant System in 2009, we have consistently advanced and evolved our technologies, offering flexible solutions to address a variety of SI joint conditions. iFuse Implant Systems are designed to provide immediate stabilization of the SI joint, aiming to enhance the quality of life and offer lasting relief.

Since 2009, SI-BONE has developed innovative solutions to advance our field and help patients thrive. Our proven outcomes are supported by clinical success:


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Tens of thousands of satisfied patients have benefited from our cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical solutions. View iFuse success stories in the video below.
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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Trusted by thousands of physicians globally, SI-BONE has been at the forefront of advancing minimally invasive procedures for the SI joint. Through its groundbreaking iFuse Implant Systems, SI-BONE empowers patients and optimizes their wellbeing. These procedures, typically lasting around one hour and involving a small incision, utilize FDA-cleared technologies*.

*iFuse 3D™ and iFuse TORQ are cleared through the FDA’s 510k pathway, iFuse INTRA is an allograft product registered with the FDA as Human Cell and Tissue Product (HCT/P)

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SI-BONE offers a range of products uniquely designed to address SI joint dysfunction. Your trained doctor will choose the most suitable procedure for your specific case. Our pioneering products include:

Titanium Implants - SI joint fusion

Allograft Implants - SI joint fusion

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For additional resources, check out our patients’ resource library. You can also learn more about the SI joint and SI joint pain.

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