Assisting Technologies

SI-BONE offers healthcare providers several assisting technologies to help with the iFuse implant procedure.

iFuse Neuromonitoring Kit

Medical professionals can view a three-dimensional representation of the lumbar spine, sacrum, and ilium with the iFuse Neuromonitoring Kit.

Read more about what's included with the iFuse Neuromonitoring Kit.

iFuse-Navigation Set

The iFuse-Navigation Set allows physicians who use the O-arm® imaging system and StealthStation® navigation system to perform the iFuse procedure for MIS SI joint fusion.

Here's how the iFuse-Navigation Set works.

Order iFuse Assisting Technologies

To order iFuse assisting technologies, please contact your local SI-BONE sales representative or SI-BONE at: or PH 408.207.0700

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