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The Trusted Leader in SI Joint Solutions

SI-BONE’s iFuse Implant Systems offer flexible solutions for SI joint dysfunction treatment and are trusted by thousands of trained physicians globally.


The iFuse INTRA™ Allograft Implant System was designed for SI joint stabilization and fusion to relieve pain caused by SI joint dysfunction.

This minimally invasive procedure entails a small incision in the lower back, through which the implant is inserted into the SI joint to stabilize it, with the aim of reducing or eliminating pain.

Your physician will determine whether this is the most suitable implant for addressing your SI joint condition.

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iFuse INTRA benefits:

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Designed to promote fusion
  • Decreased motion in the SI Joint*

* Results from FEA biomechanics testing are not necessarily indicative of human clinical outcomes. SI-BONE Technical Study 301310-TS.

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What to Expect

Day of procedure

The minimally invasive iFuse INTRA procedure is performed through a small 2 centimeter incision in the lower back, typically under anesthesia in an operating room and completed in less than an hour. The iFuse INTRA allograft is inserted into the SI joint and is designed to provide stabilization and promote fusion.

After the procedure

Most physicians have patients walking the same day of the procedure and may return to work and non-strenuous activities 2 weeks after the procedure. Your healthcare providers will provide you with post-operative guidelines and evaluate your progress and determine the appropriate activity after the procedure.


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