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iFuse 3D™

The Trusted Leader in SI Joint Solutions

SI-BONE’s iFuse Implant Systems offer flexible solutions for SI joint dysfunction treatment and are trusted by thousands of trained physicians globally.

iFuse 3d

Characterized by its three-dimensional structure, iFuse 3D is designed to enhance stability and facilitate fusion. This procedure has been employed globally, benefiting tens of thousands of patients by providing lasting pain relief and improving quality of life.

iFuse-3D Implant being held by hand

Your trained doctor will determine whether this is the most suitable iFuse Technology® for addressing your SI joint condition.

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iFuse benefits:

  • Simple, minimally invasive procedure
  • Clinical data demonstrates long-term results and proven outcomes79:
    • 95% patient satisfaction
    • 36% decrease in opioid use
    • 53-point pain improvement as measured by Visual Analog Scale (VAS)
    • 26-point functional improvement as measured by Oswestry Disability Index (ODI)
  • Patented design for SI fusion
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What to Expect

Day of procedure

The iFuse 3D implant procedure is a minimally invasive technique, requiring a small incision of approximately 3 cm. Typically, three triangular implants are inserted through the side of the hip. The procedure usually takes about one hour, delivering immediate and lasting stabilization of the joint, thus alleviating pain.

After the procedure

You may be advised to temporarily bear only partial weight using crutches or a walker. Your healthcare providers will evaluate your progress and determine the appropriate time for you to resume full weight-bearing activity. They will also provide you with post-operative guidelines and arrange follow-up visits to assess your progress.


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