iFuse TORQ®

Cutting-Edge Pelvic Fixation and Fusion™

Cutting-Edge Pelvic Fixation & Fusion

Minimally invasive surgical fusion of the sacroiliac (SI) joint
FuSlon 3D™ Surface 3D Printed Porous Lattice

Designed for osseointegration

TORQLock™ Threads Hooked Profile

Designed to reduce toggle

IntelliHarvest® Technology Helical Flutes and Fenestrations

Self-harvest bone

EZDrive® Tip Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping

Decreases surgical steps

  • FuSIon 3D™ porous surface Self-harvests bone during press-fit implantation and mimics cancellous bone for ongrowth and ingrowth.2
  • Patented fenestrated design Provides ample strength to withstand the heavy loads of the SI joint while allowing bone through growth.2
  • Triangular design has 6X more rotational resistance than screws³ Provides immediate stabilization between the implant and adjacent osseous walls.
  • Threaded base Allows for easy implant adjustments.

6 Week Histology

Sheep Study

SI-BONE Technical Study 300940-TS. Sheep model data is not necessarily indicative of human clinical outcomes.

Graph torqout 3

iFuse TORQ Procedure

Two Minimally Invasive Approaches

TORQ Steps

Torq video poster

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