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iFuse: The Triangle-Shaped Implant Designed Specifically for the SI Joint

The iFuse Implant System was developed as a minimally invasive surgical option for patients who have failed non-surgical treatment options. Since it was first introduced in 2009, more than 45,000 procedures have been performed by more than 2,000 surgeons who have been trained to provide this option for their patients.

The iFuse Implant System

The iFuse Implant, available since 2009, is a small, triangle-shaped medical device designed to stabilize and fuse the sacroiliac joint. It's minimally invasive and clinically proven to improve pain, function, and quality of life for people who have been diagnosed with sacroiliac joint dysfunction due to degeneration or disruption. The potential benefits?

  • Minimally invasive surgical (MIS) approach can be done through a one to two inch incision
  • Triangular implant profile minimizes joint movement and rotation
  • An interference fit between the implant and the adjacent osseous walls provides immediate stabilization
  • Porous surface provides favorable environment for bony ongrowth and ingrowth17
  • iFuse shape and surface are well suited for sacral bone
  • Rigid titanium construction and implant geometry designed to stabilize and fuse the heavily loaded SI joint

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Pelvis closeup with iFuse-3D Implants

iFuse Surgical Technique

The possible benefits of the iFuse minimally invasive surgical procedure are:

  • MIS procedure with small incision
  • Designed using standard orthopedic "pin, drill, broach" surgical site preparation
  • Cannulated delivery system
  • Minimal blood loss

Clinical publications demonstrate that the iFuse minimally invasive procedure results in fewer complications than traditional open surgery.

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iFuse Assisting Technologies

Our assisting technologies include, iFuse Neuromonitoring Kit, and iFuse-Navigation Set.

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The iFuse Implant System is backed by an SI-BONE Warranty. Be sure to review the Usage and Risks.

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