iFuse TORQ®: Cutting-Edge Pelvic Fixation and Fusion™

For Fixation of Fragility and Insufficiency Fractures

Unmet Needs for Fixation of Sacral Fragility Fractures

Michael Gardner, MD | Stanford Medicine

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Learn more about the iFuse TORQ Implant in our sheep study comparing iFuse TORQ to a fenestrated SI device and cannulated trauma screw

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iFuse TORQ® 3D printed implants are designed with cutting-edge features to optimize system performance in pelvic fracture fixation and sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion surgery.

Westrick Postop 4 TORQ Adjusted AC June 7 2022


Fully-Threaded Implant

SI Specific Thread Pattern​

For osseous fixation and SI fusion

FuSIon 3DTM Surface

3D Printed Porous Lattice​

Designed for osseointegration1

TORQLockTM Threads​

Hooked Profile​

Designed to reduce toggle

IntelliHarvest® Technology

Helical Flutes and Fenestrations​​​

Self-harvest bone

EZDrive® Tip​

Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping ​​​

May decrease surgical steps​*

Lag Implant​

Partially Threaded & Washer​​

Provides compression2


Minimally Invasive Surgery​

Navigation compatible​

I Fuse TORQ poster


1SI-BONE 301067-TS

2SI-BONE 300929-TS

*In hard bone drilling and tapping may be required.

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