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Prior Lumbar Fusion
iFuse Implant Procedure Date
December, 2012 Left side
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"I am back to working part time again as a creative director and doing the things that I love."


Shirley has visited chiropractors regularly most of her adult life for adjustments to help with aches and pains. In 1995, her car was rear-ended by another vehicle and she began feeling intense pain in the center-left portion of her lower back. She turned to her chiropractor for help, but wasn’t getting relief. Later an MRI revealed Shirley had a herniated L4-L5 disc. Shirley saw a pain management doctor who administered facet and lumbar injections, but they did not provide any relief. She continued to search for help and tried more conservative treatments, such as electrical stimulation and traction. After 20 traction therapies, she began to feel better and was comfortable for about a year. But then the pain returned to her lower back and was radiating into her buttocks and hip. In 2011, Shirley underwent a L4-L5 and L5-S1 fusion, after which she felt no relief and was in more pain than ever. It wasn’t until a year later that Shirley received her first SI joint injection and was diagnosed with degenerative sacroiliitis.


In December 2012, Shirley underwent the iFuse procedure on her left SI joint. Fortunately, Shirley had a good friend that offered to assist her during her recovery time. Shirley used a walker and crutches after surgery and was soon feeling good enough to resume some of her normal activities. At Shirley’s six-month check-up, she had resumed all of her normal activities.

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