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Prior Lumbar Fusion
iFuse Implant Procedure Date
May, 2012 Bilateral
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"I was wearing out the knees of my pants because I couldn’t bend over at my hips to lift anything up from the floor."


While running a busy photography business, Larry didn’t recall a specific event that first triggered his SI joint pain in 2008. But he believes that his previous lumbar fusion surgeries may have stressed his sacroiliac joint. By January 2009, his pain intensified and began to restrict his physical movements at work and disrupt his sleep. The pain presented as a lower back ache and leg and knee pain on both sides. Like many other patients who suffer from low back pain, Larry sought out physical therapy and pain management treatments to help alleviate the relentless pain. In 2011, Larry visited a new surgeon who diagnosed him with degenerative sacroiliitis after a physical examination and positive results following an SI joint injection.


Larry underwent a bilateral iFuse Implant procedure in May 2012. Almost two years after the minimally invasive surgery, Larry says that the iFuse procedure was a complete success and he couldn’t be happier with the results. Larry’s outlook towards the next 20 to 30 years of his life is highly optimistic and hopeful, thanks to his commitment to staying fit and for the iFuse procedure.

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