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Diagnosis and Treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sembrano JN*, Reiley MA**, Polly DW Jr***, Garfin SR****. Curr Orthop Prac. 2011;22:344-350.


Low back pain is the most common type of adult pain and is a leading cause of disability. While this complaint may be ubiquitous, there are many possible causes. Studies have shown that the sacroiliac joint is the cause in approximately 15% of patients with low back pain. The exact pattern is complex. Provocative physical examination maneuvers may help provide a presumptive sacroiliac joint pain diagnosis. Confirmatory diagnosis is achieved with diagnostic injection. For disabling pain that fails to respond to nonoperative treatment, surgical fusion may be necessary; different fusion approaches have been described and are presented.

Keywords: low back pain, sacroiliac joint fusion, sacroiliac joint pain

* Conducts clinical research for SI-BONE Inc.
** Employee of SI-BONE, Inc.
*** Dr. Polly is an investigator on a clinical research study sponsored by SI-BONE. He has no financial interest in SI-BONE.
**** Paid consultant of and ownership interest in SI-BONE Inc.

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