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Bilateral SIJF in Long Constructs with iFuse Bedrock Granite: Technical Considerations and Early Clinial & Radiogrphic Experience (Alan - Neurosurg Focus 2023)

Bilateral Sacroiliac Joint Fusion in Long Constructs Using Self-harvesting Porous S2-alar iliac screws with an Integrated Tulip: Technical Considerations and Early Clinical and Radiographic Experience.

Alan N, Lee KE, Zhou JJ, Farber SH, DiDomenico JD, O'Neill LK, Turner JD, Uribe JS.
Neurosurg Focus. 2023 Jul;55(1):E5.
DOI: 10.3171/2023.4.FOCUS23149. PMID: 37392770.


Objective: The incidence of sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction after lumbosacral fusion is high. Upfront bilateral SIJ fusion using novel fenestrated self-harvesting porous S2-alar iliac (S2AI) screws could reduce the incidence of SIJ dysfunction and need for subsequent SIJ fusion. In this study, the authors report their early clinical and radiographic results of SIJ fusion using this novel screw.

: The authors began using self-harvesting porous screws in July 2022. This is a retrospective review of consecutive patients at a single institution who underwent long thoracolumbar surgery with extension to the pelvis using this porous screw. Radiographic parameters of regional and global alignment were collected preoperatively and at the time of last follow-up. The incidence of intraoperative complications and need for revision were collected. The incidences of mechanical complications, including screw breakage, implant loosening/pullout, and screw cap dislocation at the time of last follow-up were also collected.

: Ten patients with a mean age of 67 years were included, 6 of whom were male. Seven patients had a thoracolumbar construct with extension to the pelvis. Three patients had upper instrumented vertebrae at the proximal lumbar spine. Intraoperative breach was not encountered in any of the patients (0%). Postoperatively, 1 patient (10%) had screw breakage at the neck of the tulip of the modified iliac screw discovered at routine follow-up without clinical sequalae.

: Use of self-harvesting porous S2AI screws incorporated into long thoracolumbar constructs was safe and feasible, demanding unique technical considerations. Long-term clinical and radiographic follow-up with a large patient cohort is necessary to determine their durability and efficacy to achieve SIJ arthrodesis and prevent SIJ dysfunction.

: fusion; sacroiliac joint; spine.

Author Information

  • Alan N, Lee KE, Zhou JJ, Farber SH, DiDomenico JD, O'Neill LK, Turner JD, Uribe JS - Department of Neurosurgery, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona

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