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iFuse & iFuse-TORQTM: Unique, Additional Service Lines for the ASC Setting

Consider the iFuse procedure if you are looking to develop an orthopedic or spine program at your facility

Becker’s 6 things to know about SI joint procedures in the ASC (July 2022)

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  • Significant prevalence of SI joint dysfunction patients
  • ASC covered surgical procedure (CMS)
  • Addresses the largest joint in the body, located between the hip and spine

“A game changer for patients and ASCs”

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iFuse Procedure
  • Procedure is < 1 hour
  • 1 simple tray
  • No biologics needed for fusion
  • Minimally invasive & reproducible
iFuse Advantages
  • Patented, triangular design
  • Clinical evidence: More than 100 published, peer-reviewed articles have demonstrated the safety, effectiveness, durability and economic benefit of the iFuse implant, available since 2009.
  • Reimbursement: Virtually universal payor coverage
  • Strength of experience: Tens of thousands of patients have subsequently been treated with iFuse by thousands of trained surgeons around the world. Not only have our clinical studies proven positive results, but our patients and providers have experienced it firsthand.
  • 91% patient satisfaction rating
SI-BONE Offers…
  • ASC education & resources
  • Reimbursement resources
  • Community education opportunities
  • Sales force devoted exclusively to sacropelvic solutions

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SI Joint and iFuse Implant System Training

SI-BONE offers training on SI joint diagnosis and treatment for healthcare providers. Learn more about SI joint training opportunities.

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