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Pregnancy Related
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December, 2014 Right side
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"Grateful to have my life back!"


My initial experience with low back pain was during my first pregnancy 23 years ago. My lower back pain never completely went away after my delivery. It would get better and get worse, but it never went away. I considered it a nagging annoyance that I had to live with. In early 2000, I was walking on a treadmill and I felt something pop in my buttock area over my right SI joint. I had immediate sharp pain and was unable to walk out of the gym without assistance. I went to see my PCP, who felt my pain was due to a strained muscle and prescribed narcotic pain medication and physical therapy. My severe pain did improve, but it continued to come and go. I decided to see a Chiropractor during one of my flare ups. He told me I had hypermobile SI joints and thought manual adjustments would be helpful. If I felt that my SI joint was going to go out, I would see my Chiropractor for adjustments. With this treatment, I was able to manage my symptoms for several years.

In 2012, while still working full time at the hospital, I noticed that sitting for long periods of time was becoming more difficult. I was always aware of my “right SI joint” and made sure I didn’t do anything to flare it up. Even picking up something wrong off the shelf in a grocery store could send me hobbling to my car in terrible pain. I stopped activities that I loved because I was so afraid of the pain. I wasn’t living my life. My PCP referred me to a pain specialist for consultation. He suggested we try SI joint injections to help manage the pain. I had good relief from the injections and would get them every 3-4 months. Over time the injections became less effective, so I returned to my Chiropractor for help.

Fortunately, my Chiropractor attended a seminar on a new surgical treatment option for SI joint dysfunction and he suggested I contact a surgeon in my area who was trained on the iFuse Procedure to see if I was a candidate. The surgeon looked over all my previous medical history, performed a physical examination including a series of provocative tests, which were positive, and recommended surgery to treat my painful right SI joint.

"I can now go for hikes, ride my bike and I am able to clean my house and grocery shop pain free. "


In December 2014, I had a right SI joint fusion. I had some post surgical pain following the procedure but it wasn’t too bad. I used crutches for a few weeks and then gradually started to walk on my own. I returned to work full time and now enjoy working out at the gym daily. I can now go for hikes, ride my bike and I am able to clean my house and grocery shop pain free. These are things most of us take for granted. I no longer live in fear of the pain.

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