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Pregnancy Related
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March, 2014 Left side
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"I am spending quality time with my kids again and have returned to work part time thanks to the iFuse procedure."


After giving birth to her second child in 2003, Trish began feeling hip and lower back pain. She reported this to her OB GYN and internist and was told that she was experiencing the normal aches and pains of childbirth. In the following year she began noticing a grinding and popping in both hips. In 2008, Trish’s pain began to increase and she returned to her physician who ordered a series of diagnostic imaging tests and physical therapy. The imaging results did not reveal a problem and her physical therapy sessions did not relieve her pain. Over the course of the next three years, Trish’s pain became intolerable. She was experiencing numbness and buckling in her left leg and was unable to stand or walk for any length of time. In 2011, Trish made an appointment with a new pain doctor who diagnosed her with SI joint disruption. Soon thereafter, he administered an SI joint injection which provided complete pain relief. She continued having SI joint injections every few weeks, but they became less effective over time.


Trish learned about the iFuse procedure while researching SI joint information on the internet. She contacted the nurse at SI-BONE and received three surgeon referrals. Trish decided on a surgeon who she was comfortable with and scheduled her iFuse procedure for March 2014. Today, Trish has returned to her normal daily activities and no longer experiences SI joint pain. What excites Trish the most about her future is spending quality time with her children. Her career is back on track as a busy realtor and Trish is pleased with her progress. * This person participated in a clinical trial sponsored by SI-BONE. She is not being compensated to be an SI-Buddy, but has voluntarily elected to share her experience.

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