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SI Joint Degeneration
iFuse Implant Procedure Date
September, 2011 Right side | November, 2011 Left side
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"I couldn’t believe that my local news channel was featuring a doctor on TV who was talking about the same SI joint pain that I was experiencing."

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There was no single event that triggered Richard’s SI joint pain, but he believes that his years of waterskiing contributed to his degenerative sacroiliitis. In 1996, Richard first felt a sharp pain in his upper buttocks that would flare up every now and then. The flare ups typically lasted a day or two and would go away. But the pain began to return more frequently and with more intensity. Richard was under the care of a physical therapist for several years, but it wasn’t until 2000 that Richard received his first SI joint injection. For the next 11 years, Richard continued with conservative treatments, consisting of SI joint injections and physical therapy. Richard learned about the iFuse Implant System® while watching the local news one evening and investigated further.

"I can't imaging what my life would have been like today if it were not for the iFuse procedure. I am very grateful."


In September 2011, Richard had his first iFuse Implant procedure, which was performed on his right SI joint. Two weeks after his surgery, his pain level had decreased significantly and he was feeling better and stronger as each day passed. By the end of the sixth week, Richard and his doctor scheduled the iFuse procedure on the left side. The results of the second surgery were equally as successful. Today Richard has returned to work and continues to be a strong contributor to his team and is depended on heavily. "I can't imaging what my life would have been like today if it were not for the iFuse procedure. I am very grateful."

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