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SI Joint Degeneration
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July, 2012 Right side
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"I used to sit in the mall waiting for my wife to finish her shopping. Today I am by her side thanks to iFuse."


Don started experiencing moderate SI joint pain that began about twenty-five years ago. He recalls the pain beginning in his lower back and right hip. Within a few weeks he was experiencing right side buttocks and leg pain that made it difficult for him to sit for an extended period of time. As his pain worsened, Don’s activities became more restricted. He could no longer play golf or garden due to his constant pain. His job required him to travel but there were days that he simply could not drive himself to his next appointment. Don received several epidural blocks over the years, but those provided only temporary relief. In the spring of 2012, Don learned from a doctor outside of his health plan that he could be experiencing SI joint pain. This was enough information to get Don searching for answers. He visited a surgeon who was trained to perform the iFuse procedure. The surgeon referred him to a pain doctor for his first SI joint injection. After the injection, Don’s SI joint pain went away. In fact, he felt so good he drove himself to the golf course and hit a bucket of balls. He continued to feel great the rest the weekend but his SI joint pain returned. He reported his experience to his surgeon and was eager to learn about his options. After further examination, Don’s surgeon recommended that he undergo the iFuse procedure.

“It was terrible not being able to lift my grandchildren or play golf, the two things I thoroughly enjoy in life.”


Don underwent the iFuse procedure in July 2012. After surgery he was sore from the incision but within a couple of months Don’s SI joint pain had significantly diminished. He was feeling good and began participating in the activities that made him feel happy and fulfilled. “It was terrible not being able to lift my grandchildren or play golf, the two things I thoroughly enjoy in life.” Don is looking forward to playing more golf and spending quality time with his family and is so very grateful he was a candidate for the iFuse procedure.

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