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SI Joint Trauma
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August, 2015 Right side
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"I feel like I have gotten my life back!"


Kady is a high school physical education and health teacher and has always participated in activities with her classes. She had experienced low back pain for years, but was able to manage the discomfort. In October of 2014, Kady was teaching a Zumba class and noticed an increase in her low back pain. She also experienced a new pain in the front of her right hip, with shooting pain down the outside of her right leg. She tried to alleviate her symptoms with simple yoga stretches, but was unsuccessful. Her primary care physician prescribed NSAIDs and physical therapy. Kady’s pain did not resolve and she was sent to a pain management physician for evaluation. An MRI was ordered, and the physician diagnosed Kady with a lumbar disc herniation. She continued with physical therapy and had two lumbar epidural steroid injections. Kady did not find the injections to be beneficial. Her ability to teach was being affected by her increased pain. “I had to sit in a chair to teach class and I could no longer participate with my students in activities. I was beginning to walk with a limp and would sit on my left buttock to help ease the pain. I was unable to pick up my children and I was feeling hopeless.” She was then sent to an orthopedic surgeon who recommended a discectomy. She was scheduled for surgery that week. Her physical therapist suggested she get one more opinion before moving forward with the discectomy. He recommended a surgeon who was trained to diagnose and treat SI joint issues. This surgeon asked pertinent questions, did a thorough physical examination that included provocative testing and determined Kady’s pain could be coming from her SI joint. He prescribed a diagnostic SI joint injection for confirmation. Kady had the diagnostic injection and during the anesthetic phase of the injection she was able to walk pain free for the first time in months.

"I can actively participate with my students again."


In August of 2015, Kady had a right SI joint fusion utilizing the iFuse Implant System®. She experienced surgical pain from the procedure, but noticed her “old” SI joint pain was gone. Kady was able to return to teaching several months after her surgery without restrictions. “I can actively participate with my students again.” Kady can now play with her children and has resumed many of her favorite activities. “I feel like I have gotten my life back!”

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