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SI Joint Degeneration
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June, 2013 Left side
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"I had hope for the first time after learning about the iFuse procedure."


In 2010, Becky began feeling moderate pain in her left hip. She attributed this to her active lifestyle of working fulltime and attending school while caring for her mother. As the year passed, Becky’s discomfort intensified to what she described as a sharp stabbing pain that radiated from her buttocks to her left hip. The pain interrupted her sleep and it was difficult for her to walk or stand for more than five minutes. Becky’s family doctor diagnosed her with arthritis and referred her to physical therapy. While attending one of her PT sessions, she noticed a poster on the wall depicting SI joint pain. She explained to her physical therapist that her pain was very similar to the poster description. With this information, her PT confirmed that her pain was coming from her left SI joint. Her PT suggested that Becky see a pain management doctor who could administer an SI joint injection hoping this would give her some relief. After the SI injection, Becky experienced pain relief that lasted four months. She continued her PT and SI joint injections, but over time, the injections became less effective. Becky’s pain management doctor referred her to a surgeon trained to perform the iFuse procedure.


In June 2013, Becky decided that she would undergo the iFuse Implant procedure. After her minimally invasive surgery, Becky recalls being sore at the incision site but felt less pain in her SI joint. She was very happy to know that she had turned a corner and was beginning to improve. Within three months after her iFuse procedure, Becky returned to her normal activity level and back to managing her busy life and work within her community as a counselor.

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