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Surgeon Procedure Training

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Whether you’d like a technique refresher, practice on a dysmorphic sacrum, or an initial training experience, the SI-BONE SImulator TM provides a realistic surgeon learning experience with no radiation.
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Portable Hands-On Training

  • Training that comes to you
  • No need for a lab facility or equipment (OR, cadaver, c-arm, etc.)

Virtual Imaging without Radiation

  • Realistic fluoroscopic and CT imaging
  • 3D reconstructed views anytime throughout the procedure

Multiple Anatomic Pelvic Variations

  • Normal male
  • Normal female
  • Dysmorphic sacrum

Train on Multiple SI-BONE Procedures

  • Minimally invasive SI joint fusion
  • iFuse Bedrock technique
  • SI joint injections


SImulator Training


SI Joint and iFuse Implant System Training

SI-BONE offers training on SI joint diagnosis and treatment for healthcare providers. Learn more about SI joint training opportunities.

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