Research Grant Application

Applicant Guidelines

  1. General Policy. SI-BONE may support bona fide scientific research conducted by qualified grant recipients in accordance with this Policy and applicable U.S. laws, regulations and industry guidelines.
  2. Requirements

a. The research must be legitimate and scientifically rigorous in areas of relevance to SI-BONE.
b. The research must be conducted by qualified persons.
c. The research must be intended to provide valuable scientific and clinical information, improve clinical care, provide leads to promising new treatments, promote better delivery of health care, or provide other benefits to patients.
d. SI-BONE products will only be provided free of charge for use in research when neither the grant recipient nor any investigator bills any study subject or any third party for such product.
e. Research grants will not be provided to purchase equipment or provide general operational support for a health care professional.
f. Research grants will not be provided to support consulting or other services to the SI-BONE, which are governed by a separate policy.
g. Research grants will not be offered or provided with the intent of, directly or indirectly, implicitly or explicitly influencing or encouraging the recipient to use, purchase, lease, order, or arrange for or recommend the use, purchase, lease, or order of SI-BONE products or as a reward for past such behavior.
h. All requests for Research Grants must be independently initiated in writing by the individual or research entity that proposes to conduct the research.

Application Process Overview

  1. Keeping in mind the Research Grant requirements stated above, Applicants must compete the form below in as much detail as possible.
  2. The SI-BONE Grant Committee will then review the request and make a decision to approve or deny the request, ensuring compliance with Company policy and applicable U.S. laws, regulations and industry guidelines.
  3. The review process may take up to 60 days. If the request is approved, SI-BONE will notify the Applicant as soon as practicable.
  4. All recipients must sign SI-BONE’s template agreement, which states the terms and conditions upon which the Research Grant is made.

Research Grant Application

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