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Do Your Pelvic Trauma Patients Have Ongoing Pain?

  • Patient outcomes after traumatic disruption of the SI joint are directly correlated to the quality of SI reduction.85,86,87
  • Up to 85% of SI trauma patients develop SI joint pain and poor function due to post-traumatic arthritis or malreduction.88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96
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Do You Treat Non-Traumatic Sacral Fractures Surgically?

Complications with nonsurgical management:

  • 14-45 day average hospital stay.97,98,99
  • 29-61% risk of thromboembolic disorder.100,101
  • 14-27% mortaility rate at one year.97,98

Complications with alternative surgical treatment: 

  • 20% risk of iliosacral screw blackout.102
  • 32% risk of extravasation in sacroplasty procedures.103
Type B Sacral Fractures
Type B Sacral Fractures
Case Studies

The iFuse Trauma Technique

The iFuse-3D™ Implant

  • Triangular implant geometry provides immediate stabilization.
  • Unique design provides press fit fixation between the implant and adjacent osseous walls.
  • 31x greater rotational resistance vs. 7.3mm screw.82
  • 3D printed trabecular surface facilitates osteointegration.17
  • Fenestrated structure allows for bone through growth and accommodates bone graft.17
  • Porous surface self harvests bone during insertion.17
  • Rigid titanium construction provides an implant that is 18x stronger than the worst-case physiologic load, thus fortifying the SI joint.83
  • More than 5x fewer revisions after fusion with iFuse vs. iliosacral screws.81

Learn More About iFuse-3D

    iFuse-3D™  Implant
    iFuse-3D™ Implant

    Clinical Briefs

    See Dr. Black's and Dr. Bartlett's early outcomes associated with trauma patients.

    1. Retrospective, single center study of 11 non-traumatic sacral fracture patients treated with a transiliac-transsacral screw and the iFuse-3D device.
    2. Retrospective, single center review of 4 patients with high-energy pelvic trauma treated with the iFuse Implants alongside screws/plates in the acute setting.

    SI Joint and iFuse Implant System Training

    SI-BONE offers training on SI joint diagnosis and treatment for healthcare providers. Learn more about SI joint training opportunities.

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