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iFuse 3D Implant

The iFuse 3DTM Implant offers a new dimension in SI joint fusion.

iFuse-3D Implant

Minimally invasive surgical fusion of the sacroiliac (SI) joint using machined solid triangular titanium plasma spray (TPS) coated implants has demonstrated positive clinical outcomes in SI joint pain patients. 

The iFuse 3D Implant is created with the latest proprietary 3D printing technology. The surface mimics native cancellous bone and uses self-harvesting technology.1

The iFuse 3D Implant combines the patented triangular shape of the iFuse ImplantTM with a proprietary 3D-printed trabecular surface and unique patented fenestrated design, which has demonstrated substantial bony ongrowth, ingrowth, through growth, and intra-articular fusion.

  • Self-Harvesting Technology: iFuse 3D captures bone during implantation that may be deposited into the implant.1
  • Fenestrated structure may be pre-packed with autograft or allograft, 1-3cc depending on implant size.
  • Triangular design has 6X more rotational resistance than screws5
  • 3D-printed surface specifically designed to mimic trabecular bone architecture

Additive manufactured (3D-printed) implants provide a highly interconnected "bone-like" surface that may enhance osteointegration.2,3,4


iFuse 3D Video

Watch this short video about the iFuse 3D Implant, which is created with the latest proprietary 3D printing technology.

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Order iFuse 3D

To order iFuse 3D, please contact your local SI-BONE sales representative or call/email SI-BONE at:

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  5. SI-BONE Technical Study 300610-TS (compares iFuse to a 12mm cannulated SI joint screw)

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