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Primary Surgeon Training

This program is for the surgeon who desires to be trained on the iFuse Implant System surgical procedure. For optimal success, the surgeon first completes the pre-training materials prior to attending the program to develop an understanding and awareness of SI joint pathology. Program didactic sessions will include: a review of the basic anatomy and biomechanics, clinical literature concerning the prevalence of SI joint pathology, and a session on the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative sacroiliitis and SI joint disruption. There will be hands-on training on the physical exam and SI joint provocative maneuvers for proper diagnosis. Experience with the surgical procedure will be acquired in a hands-on cadaveric session where each surgeon will perform the surgical procedure. Faculty will consist of an experienced iFuse surgeon and a physical therapist that has significant expertise in treating patients with SI joint pathology.

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SI Diagnostic Workshops

(Traditional, with Cadaver Session, & NA/PA Focused)

These workshops are designed for surgeons who have already completed the SI Primary Surgeon Training course and wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the SI joint. The primary focus of the workshop will be on overcoming diagnostic challenges and gaining a deeper understanding of sacroiliitis and SI joint disruption. These patients present with a broad spectrum of pain patterns, physical complaints/limitations, and history. Understanding how the SI joint patient can be differentiated from other clinical conditions, particularly those conditions emanating from the lumbar spine, is a key goal of this course.  There are also SI Diagnostic Workshops with a Cadaveric Session and also one intended for mid-levels (PA/NP Focused).

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