Meeting Goals

  1. Structured literature review and manuscript preparation for publication 
  2. Clinical trial planning session for adult deformity
  3. Clinical trial implementation: identify and recruit qualified investigator sites


Afternoon Session (15:00 – 17:00)Presenter
What we know about the SI jointDavid Polly, MD*
Why the SI joint hurtsDaniel Cher, MD
Clinical trials and literature reviewDaniel Cher, MD   
Biomechanics of the SI joint         Scott Yerby, PhD  


Dinner Session (17:00 – 19:00)       Presenter
Evolution of pelvic fixation      David Polly, MD*
SI joint pain after pelvic fixationChris Shaffrey, MD
Biomechanics of pelvic fixation  Scott Yerby, PhD
ISSG study update       Daniel Cher, MD


Evening Session (19:00 - 21:00)          Presenter
Spinopelvic parameters overviewVirginie Lafage, PhD
Structured literature review findingsDavid Polly, MD* 
Radiographic study discussion    Chris Shaffrey, MD
Clinical trial planning sessionDaniel Cher, MD

David Polly, MD


Chris Shaffrey, MD


Daniel Cher, MD

Virginie Lafage

Virginie Lafage, PhD


Scott Yerby, PhD

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