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SI Primary Surgeon Training

This program is for the orthopedic or neurologic surgeon who has committed to incorporating the diagnosis and treatment of the SI joint into his/her clinical practice. Pain management physicians and mid-level providers are encouraged to attend this course with their affiliated surgeon(s). The program consists of a didactic session and a cadaveric training session on the iFuse Implant System. The SI joint didactic session includes: Basic Science (anatomy and biomechanics), Epidemiology (prevalence), Diagnosis (Provocative Testing and the diagnostic algorithm), Treatment (Non-surgical and surgical treatment) and a review of the clinical literature on MIS SI joint fusion.

Faculty for this course will include an experienced iFuse surgeon, a pain management specialist with expertise in SIJ diagnosis and non-surgical treatment, and a physical therapist with manual therapy specialization and experience treating SI joint patients. The faculty surgeon will present the basic science, the clinical literature and will lead the training on the iFuse Implant System. The pain management physician will speak on diagnosis, non-surgical management and injections. He or she may also demonstrate an SI joint injection in the lab. The physical therapist will speak on diagnosis and rehabilitation. The PT will lead the “hands on training” on the provocative maneuvers.

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