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MIS SI Joint Fusion (Matias - Curr Pain Headache Rep 2022)

Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac Fusion - A Review

Matias CM, Velagapudi L, Montenegro TS, Heller JE.
Curr Pain Headache Rep. 2022 Mar;26(3):173-182. [Epub 2022 Feb 9]
DOI: 10.1007/s11916-022-01016-y. PMID: 35138566


Purpose of Review: Sacroiliac dysfunction is an important cause of low back pain with significant impact on quality of life and daily activities. Minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion (MIS SI fusion) is an effective treatment for patients who failed non-surgical strategies. The purpose of this article is to review the clinical outcomes and complications of this surgical technique.

Recent Findings:
For patients with SI joint dysfunction, MIS SI fusion reduced pain and disability as measured by Visual Analog Scale and Oswestry Index and improved quality of life as measured by Short-Form 36 and EuroQol-5D questionnaires. Satisfaction rates were higher in the SI fusion group when compared to the conservative management. In recent clinical trials, adverse events occurred with a similar rate in the first 6 months for patients assigned in the conservative management versus patients assigned to MIS SI fusion. MIS SI fusion is an effective and safe procedure for patients with sacroiliac dysfunction who failed non-surgical strategies. This procedure provides rapid as well as sustained pain relief, improvement in back function, high patient satisfaction, with low rate of complications.

Keywords: Low back pain; SI fusion; Sacroiliac dysfunction; Sacroiliac fusion.

Author Information

  • Matias CM, Velagapudi L, Montenegro TS, Heller JE - Department of Neurosurgery, Thomas Jefferson University, 909 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA, 19107, USA.

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