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Rehabilitation for SI Joint Pain and/or Dysfunction

Physical therapy, as a profession, is not uniform and there are different schools of thought regarding treatment of SI joint disorders.  However, the goals of rehabilitation for SI joint pain typically include:

  1. Return the SI joint it to its normal position4 and maintain this position. Optimal SI joint function occurs with the SI Joint in neutral (mid-range) position.5-13
  2. Restore optimal alignment of the lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint and hip joints
  3. Optimize functional stability of the lumbopelvic region by restoring normal function of the supporting muscles

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Meeting your Insurance Company’s Definition of Medical Necessity for Minimally Invasive Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion

Many health insurance plans have established patient selection guidelines for minimally invasive SI joint fusion. Like all procedures, your medical records must justify why a minimally invasive SI joint fusion procedure is the right procedure for you.

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Postpartum Pelvic Girdle Pain

Many women have complaints of back pain during and after pregnancy.  One study showed that up to 45% of pregnant women have musculoskeletal low back and/or pelvic pain.1  Musculoskeletal pain describes pain coming from the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles as opposed to pain coming from internal organs.

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Why your insurance company may not pay for your care

Working with an insurance company to overturn a decision for non-payment or prior authorization can be time consuming and may require working through a complicated and confusing process.

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