Pre-Operative Manual Adjustment of the SI Joint & Successful iFuse Results | SI-BONE

Is a pre-operative manual adjustment of the sacroiliac joint necessary to achieve successful iFuse results?

SI-BONE has received a number of inquiries related to manually adjusting and aligning the sacroiliac joint on the day of surgery, before the iFuse procedure is performed.

There is no published literature to support manipulating or aligning the Si joint prior to the iFuse procedure.  In fact, one study showed that manipulation of the SI joint did not affect or change the position of the SI joint. Please discuss this issue with your surgeon.

Tullberg, T, S Blomberg, B Branth, and R Johnsson. 1998. “Manipulation Does Not Alter the Position of the Sacroiliac Joint. A Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis.” Spine 23 (10): 1124–1128; discussion 1129.