Educational Grant Application

Applicant Guidelines

  1. General Policy. SI-BONE may help promote scientific knowledge, medical advancement and the delivery of effective health care through educational grants to fund educational activities, when done in compliance with its policy and applicable U.S. laws, regulations and industry guidelines. Those activities consist of (a) Educational Conferences sponsored by national, regional, or specialty medical associations and customers or potential customers that are accredited continuing medical education providers, (b) Scholarships to Educational Conferences, and (c) Public Education.
  2. Requirements

a. Educational Conferences and Events

i) Applicants must adhere to all rules associated with any applicable accreditation of the event (e.g., Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)).
ii) The conference must be dedicated to promoting scientific and educational activities and discourse that is objective, unbiased, balanced, and scientifically rigorous.
iii) The conference must provide medical, scientific or health-related education in areas of relevance to SI-BONE.
iv) The event must be consistent with (a) SI-BONE’s mission to dramatically raise the awareness of comprehensive low back pain differential diagnosis, which includes the Sacroiliac Joint, and to provide access to high-quality, safe and effective minimally invasive patient care and surgical treatment and (b) disease areas/conditions that are on-label and of interest to SI-BONE.
v) The grant request must not be solicited or suggested by an SI-BONE representative.
vi) No SI-BONE representative has asserted any influence over the program, including the program structure, content, attendees and speakers.
vii) The Applicant must be responsible for all aspects of the educational program and retain control over the program, including the program structure, content, and speakers.
viii) The use of the funds must be to reduce overall conference costs.
ix) If the conference sponsor is a Health Care Professional (individual or entity), the event must not supply credit required for an academic degree for that sponsor’s own students or underwrite an expense that the sponsor would normally incur in the course of its business, with the following exceptions:

(1) Occasional support of "Grand Rounds" for the periodic education of the sponsor's own students provided that the sponsor routinely solicits all competing vendors for support; and
(2) Donations of product to be used in a clinical training event (e.g., cadaver workshop).

b. Scholarships and Advancement of Medical Education

i) The scholarship recipient must be a Health Care Professional in training (e.g., medical students, residents, fellows participating in fellowship programs that are charitable or have an academic affiliation).
ii) The proposed grant must be to help defray the reasonable costs to attend a third-party educational conference that is primarily dedicated to promoting scientific and educational activities and discourse.
iii) The selection of the scholarship recipient must be in the control of and at the discretion of the training institution or the conference sponsor.

c. Public Education

i) The proposed grant must be for the purpose of supporting education of patients or the public about health care topics of relevance to SI-BONE
ii) Grants to sponsor the purchase and distribution of medical literature, texts and educational materials may be made only when:

(1) SI-BONE does not control the content or distribution of such materials and
(2) The grant recipient is not a customer or a potential customer of SI-BONE.

d. Prohibited Grants

i) Educational Grants will not be provided to any individual or to defray the expenses of specific individuals.
ii) Educational Grants will not be provided to any third party entity at the request of a Health Care Professional.
iii) Educational Grants will not be provided to support the acquisition of equipment or provide general operational support for a Health Care Professional.
iv) Educational Grants will not be offered or provided with the intent to, directly or indirectly, implicitly or explicitly influence or encourage the recipient to use, purchase, lease, order, or arrange for or recommend the use, purchase, lease, or order of SI-BONE products or as a reward for past such behavior.
v) Educational Grants will not be conditioned on any explicit or implicit agreement that a recipient will use any particular course structure, agenda, course materials, faculty input, or other information created or endorsed by SI-BONE.
vi) Requests for Educational Grants will be denied if they are not independently initiated in writing by the entity that would conduct the educational activity.

Application Process Overview

  1. Keeping in mind the Educational Grant requirements stated above, Applicants must compete the form below in as much detail as possible.
  2. The SI-BONE Grant Committee will then review the request and make a decision to approve or deny the request, ensuring compliance with Company policy and applicable U.S. laws, regulations and industry guidelines.
  3. The review process may take up to 60 days. If the request is approved, SI-BONE will notify the Applicant as soon as practicable.
  4. All recipients must sign SI-BONE’s template letter agreement, which states the terms and conditions upon which the Educational Grant is made.

Educational Grant Application

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